Post 46, Chandak, Poonch

1 p.m.: Pradeep is polishing a blackboard in one of the school rooms. Tanvir and Naushad, both from Forbesgunj, are constructing sloped covers for window frames in the same room as Pradeep. In an adjoining room, two workers, both from Kishengunj, level the floor. Munshi Mansoor is supervising their work. He informs the workers that the thekedar will return today and hopes he will pay them their wages.

6 p.m.: Pradeep, Naushad and I step out for chai. Naushad also wants to recharge his mobile. He has a Reliance sim. Upon recharge, he obtained talktime worth INR 100 on the payment of INR 76. Over chai, Pradeep tries to persuade Naushad to stay on in Jammu after the present assignment rather than returning home as he plans. Pradeep would like Naushad to return home with him in March and come back again in April.

Naushad appears to consider this suggestion.

8 p.m.: Munshi Mansur informs his workers that the thekedar did come earlier that evening. They were both drinking. However, according to the munshi, the thekedar did not pay any money to him. So the workers remain unpaid today.

Post 20, Balmaripur

5:00 p.m.: Shailendra has completed laying out the tiles on one of the smaller domes of the gurdwara.  He will now proceed to complete the construction of the temple’s grand dome, rather than working on the hall as he had mentioned earlier.

“For work in the hall, I will wait till Sundar and his brother return to Balmaripur. There’s a lot of other work to be done in any case. Completing the grand dome and then laying out the tiles on it; decorating the columns that hold up the ceiling; completing the jhalar (brick-and-mortar decorations), etc. I will proceed with those, and once my cousins and others return, we will work on the hall.”

Shailendra’s mobile is giving him trouble. Although he can make and receive calls, he is unable to watch any movies. So, he plans to hand it in for repairs in Ludhiana town.