Post 14, Sargana

Zaheeb Ajmal briefs:

11:45 a.m.: I am at Pradeep’s house. We are standing in his courtyard, where Pradeep has detected a fault with his handpump, and has called a plumber. Shailendra joins us, a green loin cloth wrapped around his waist, and bare chested. I ask him about his work in Ludhiana and how it compares with opportunities here in Sargana.

“There’s not much difference in wage rates between Ludhiana and here. I earn INR 350 there, and INR 300 here. The main difference is that I get paid on a daily basis here and on a monthly basis there. When a person is paid a lumpsum amount, they are able to save more than they would if paid daily,” he says.

Pradeep nods in agreement.

I ask Shailendra whether he will work while he is here.

“The boy has come home. Let him rest,” Pradeep’s wife Shanti laughs.

Pradeep adds: “The paddy saplings have been transplanted. There isn’t much he can do. He will rest.”