Post 56, Ludhiana/Jammu

12 noon: Pradeep and I chat on the phone. Pradeep tells me the weather in Jammu has improved since it has become warmer. About ten people from the vicinity of Sargana arrived yesterday to Araniya to work with Pradeep: their trip was organised by one of Pradeep’s co-workers, Akhilesh. His nephew Sundar will leave for Araniya as soon as the Saraswati Puja is over and the idols are immersed (clearly, Shailendra’s efforts to persuade his cousins and neighbours had failed, since Sundar appears to be involved in another Saraswati Puja in Sargana). His own son Rajendra, who has been in Sargana for a few months, will leave for Jammu after Holi. He is presently tending to the wheat crop on their family farm.