Post 19, Balmaripur

9:00 a.m.: Shailendra and I chat on the phone. Shailendra says he is almost done with laying out the tiles on one of the smaller  of the Balmaripur gurdwara. Once this is complete, he will proceed to lay the tiles on the gurdwara hall below. The contract for the dome also included construction of the jhalar (brick-and-mortar decorations) around the dome, on which he will go easy, since the contract has been extended to January. So, while he will claim his fees for his work on the dome, he will ask to be employed as a daily wager for his labours on the tiles.

Sundar is still in Sargana. He will return to Sherpur with his brother as soon as he completes the memorial service for his deceased father. Once their work in Sherpur is complete, Shailendra hopes they will join him in Balmaripur.