Post 26, Sargana

Zaheeb Ajmal reports:

9 a.m.: Harish Rishi and his wife Parvati spruce up the front of their home on the occasion of the ten-day long Dussehra festival: today is the first day, when people commemorate the goddess Durga’s arrival at her natal home. Parvati applies a paste of cow dung and water to the mud platform and steps leading into their hut, while Harish sweeps the courtyard.

They will proceed to the village temple along with Pradeep’s wife Shanti for the Kalasthapan (initiation ceremony of the festival for this year) in a little while.

Pradeep calls me from Poonch and wishes me for Dussehra.

Credit: Zaheeb Ajmal

Credit: Zaheeb Ajmal