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Rachit Yadav

21 year-old Rachit Yadav is among the 112 million people employed in what is officially categorised as India’s ‘services’ sector. At 53% of its Gross Domestic Product, the amorphous services sector absorbs 24.4% of India’s labour force. Rachit has been employed as a driver by the owner of a flour mill in Punjab’s Ludhiana city for three years. When he is not driving his employer’s car, Rachit operates machinery, loads and unloads bags of flour, and even supervises the other workers in the mill. His brother works as a construction worker in Delhi. Rachit’s family owns 0.3 acres of land, but are embroiled in a dispute over that property with their cousins. Rachit is from the Yadav community, disparaged by others as ‘low caste’.


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