television serial

Post 52, Abdullahepur Basti/ DMC Hospital, Ludhiana

8:00 p.m.: Rachit arrives at Bablu’s room where Bablu and I are waiting for him. They planned a small party where Bablu would cook and Rachit would bring the drinks. Rachit has not been able to procure any alcohol so far as he has been busy, so he and I decide to step out and make the necessary purchase. Rachit also needs to print out a project as instructed by Birjinder’s son.

Rachit and I buy a ‘half-whiskey’ and finish his printing jobs to return by 8:30 p.m. Bablu is keen to initiate his nephew Rajesh, who lives in the adjacent room, to drinking alcohol. So, he serves chicken curry as dinner with whiskey as an accompaniment. Rachit needs to be at the hospital by 9 to attend to Birjinder’s ill aunt, so he finishes dinner quickly. He and I bid Bablu and his nephew for the night and leave for the hospital.

Birjinder’s aunt has been shifted out of the ICU to the general ward. Her daughter will be spending the night in the ward with her. She wants Rachit to massage her mother’s feet, which he does. Rachit also steals quick peeks into his mobile to catch up on Kalash, the tele serial he so faithfully follows. By 11:15 p.m., we leave DMC Hospital.

Post 51, Arati Chowk, Ludhiana

7:00 p.m.: Rachit calls me on my mobile. He has just finished attending to Amarjeet Kaur, his employer Birjinder’s aunt who is still intensive care. He will be driving past Arati Chowk and asks me if I am free. I say I am.

Rachit reaches Arati Chowk in ten minutes. He informs me that there is little improvement in Amarjeet’s health. He says he is exhausted and wants to hang around in the locality for about an hour. I suggest we could go to a mall nearby, but he says he does not have the time for that.

“I have to be back in Birjinder’s home by 8. And once I am done with the household chores, I must watch Kalash,” he tells me, referring to a tele serial he follows regularly.