Post 2, Sargana

8:30 a.m
Mahadev Yadav is having an animated conversation with our host. He talks about the dispute with his cousins over their ancestral property. Mahadev Yadav says his maternal grandfather had bequeathed his property to his daughter (Mahadev’s mother) and son (Mahadev’s uncle). But his cousins refuse to recognise his share in the property. Anyway, he declares, god is watching. He will do justice even if no one else does.

10:45 a.m
 I am chatting with Mahadev Yadav’s wife, Vimla Yadav. She tells me about their dispute with her husband’s cousin. A little while earlier, many people had gathered at the cousin’s house. She was anxious that the cousin was fomenting trouble. 

Rachit has gone to Purnea, she tells me. She expects him to be back by the evening.