Post 64, Abdullahpur Basti, Ludhiana

6:00 p.m.: It is another busy day at the flour mill, with all hands on board. Rachit walks by the mill on his way to the garage where he has been instructed to wash Birjinder’s Nissan car. While washing the car, he plays one of his favourite songs Kala Tika.  Kala Tika is a Punjabi song centred on a couple in love where the man asks the woman to wear a ‘kala tika’, or black-coloured dot to ward off evil.

“Punjabi songs are very decet,” Rachit opines, “unlike Hindi or Bhojpuri numbers which are vulgar and show off too much skin.” By way of example, Rachit contrasts Kala Tika with the Sunny Leone-starring video Saiya Superstar.