Post 9, Ludhiana

12 noon.: I am at Ratan Flour Mill, owned by Birjender Singh, Rachit’s employer. Birjender’s sister is in town, so Rachit is chauffeuring her and her family to the town’s malls. Birjender tells me that he hired Rachit on the recommendation of his brother-in-law, for whom Rachit had briefly worked. He says Rachit is like family and that he completely trusts Rachit with his family and even business matters. Thanks to Birjender’s efforts, it appears, Rachit obtained a driving license in Ludhiana.

2 p.m.: Rachit is free from his chores for a while. He introduces me to the workers at the flour mill, with whom he appears to enjoy a good rapport. Only two workers are in the mill at the moment. One of them is Jagat who is about 50. The other is 30-year old Vishnu. Both are from UP. Although they work at the mill, they make it a point to go back to their rural homes from time to time.

2:30 p.m.: Rachit tells me his brother Suraj is in Delhi. Although both travelled together to Ludhiana, Suraj preferred to go further afield to Jalandhar where he planned to work as a construction labourer. However, he changed his mind within a few days and travelled instead to Delhi, where he is working as a construction labourer for a retail outlet in Khajuri Khas, a town in North-East Delhi.