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2019, March 18
Indrajit Roy makes a case for migrants’ voting rights in India, Hindustan Times.

2017, February 20
Indrajit Roy comments on recommendation from The Working Group on Migration, 'Migrants could get a job in any state as domicile quotas may go', Hindustan Times.

2017, February 7
Interview with KumKum Dasgupta, 'A combination of aspiration and desperation is fuelling migration in India', Hindustan Times.

2016, October 3
Indrajit Roy writes for Beyond Trafficking and Slavery, ‘Disenfranchised citizens, unfree labour: The social and political exclusion of India’s circular labour migrants’


2017, November 13-30
Exhibition of Photographs, Wolfson College Linton Road OX2 6UD, Oxford

An exhibition of photographs showcases select images from the Fragmented Transitions research project, based at the Oxford Department of International Development, 2014-2017.
These photographs were taken by researchers who lived with migrant workers in India for a year. 
Join them as they journey through the country and allow us a glimpse into their lives, loves and labours. 

Open daily 10 am till 7 pm subject to college commitments. Visitors are advised to ring the college lodge (01865) 274100 beforehand.

2017, March 24-27
Bihar and Jharkhand: Shared History to Shared Vision. Patna

Select photographs from the project were exhibited at the Silver Jubilee anniversary of the Asian Development Research Institute held at Patna, India. The exhibition was organised between March 25 and 28, 2017 and was curated by CES Fellow Atul Anand. 

Exhibition Photos:

2017, February 2
Contemporary South Asia Seminar: Fragmented transitions: Growth, mobility and democracy in India. Oxford

2016, November 16
[Book Talk] Looking Away: Inequality, prejudice and indifference. Oxford

In the two decades since India confirmed its allegiance to the Free Market, more of its citizens have become marginalized than ever before, and society has become more sharply riven than ever. In Looking Away, Harsh Mander ranges wide to record and analyse the many different fault lines which crisscross Indian society today. There is increasing prosperity among the middle classes, but also a corresponding intolerance for the less fortunate. And with the sharp Rightward turn in politics, minority communities are under serious threat - their very status as citizens in question - as a belligerent, monolithic idea of the nation takes the place of an inclusive, tolerant one. However, as what most stains society today is the erosion in the imperative for sympathy, both at the state and individual levels, a crumbling that is principally at the base of the vast inequities which afflict India.

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2016, November 16
[Workshop] Challenges of universalising social policy: India in comparative perspective. Oxford

The objective of the workshop is to collectively reflect on the political and social drivers for the adoption of inclusive social policy. How and why do governments institute inclusive social policy? Although the empirical focus of the workshop is India, the discussions will situate the Indian case in comparative perspective. The thrust towards universalisation in Latin American countries and the debates in southern Africa around universalising basic incomes are important points of reference. What lessons can be learnt from these countries for the Indian case? What does the Indian experience with social policy teach us about social policy more broadly? These are some of the questions with which the consultation will engage.

2016, November 15
Fragmented Transitions seminar series: India in comparative perspective. Oxford

India today is in the throes of a transition away from the developmental state to a neoliberal one. What has been the outcome of this transition for the social question, or the contradictions between India’s different social classes, especially the laboring poor? Professor Breman contends that the social question has been effectively subverted, not only in India, but elsewhere in the Global South.

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2016, October 26
Policy Round Table. Delhi

2016, April 27-29
Orientation for Center for Equity Studies Fellows. Delhi

2016, February 11
Center on Migration, Policy and Society weekly seminar series. Oxford

2016, January 19
Migration, Globalisation and Social Transformation Module. 'Migration in most of the world, most of the time'. Oxford

2015, May 28
South Asia Day. Oxford

2015, March 30-April 1
Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association. Sheffield

2015, January 28
International Migration Institute weekly seminar series. Oxford

2014, July 19-21
Annual Bihar Growth Conference. Patna

IGC Bihar Growth Conference, 20 July 2014, Session 3: Rural Development [Indrajit Roy from 35:32]